Best Destinations to Start Traveling the World

Perhaps, you are an established traveler seeking to enhance the scope of your trips. Maybe you are a beginner planning the first adventure of the world. Regardless of the case, there are endless opportunities out there for creating memorable experiences. While every destination is unique, there are some destinations with an equal measure of both worlds that you should consider visiting for more fun-packed and fulfilling adventures. Here are some of the best destinations to start travelling the world.

Matera, Italy

Italy has continued to dominate the list of the world’s best travel destinations for a number of reasons. Besides being one of the centerpieces of ancient civilization, Italy also has pristine landscapes, beaches, iconic architecture and great cuisines to make your trip unforgettable. The Southern city of Matera is a popular attraction with ancient cave dwellings called sassi. The caves have been transformed into hotels with a unique cultural appeal. The city also hosts various events throughout the year, which attract travelers from across the world.

Anguilla, Caribbean

Anguilla is also another incredible destination that many travel experts recommend. It boasts some of the most spectacular white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, ideal for honeymoons and family vacations. Apart from just the lots of water activities and good weather that you will be able to enjoy in Anguilla, it also features luxurious resorts with modern facilities like oceanfront edge pools, spa and sauna among others to make your stay truly amazing.


If you are thinking of going on Safari this year, Kenya is absolutely the best destination to head to.  But, that is not all you can experience in this fast developing East African nation. Its capital city, Nairobi has an eclectic nightlife and a vibrant culture that you will truly love. Kenya also has many beaches, beautiful landscapes, national parks and moderate weather that support traveling throughout the year. With the recently launched direct flights from New York to Nairobi, it is now easier to visit Kenya.

Other spectacular travel destinations that you should also add to your to-do-list this year include Singapore, Berlin, India, Iceland, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Montenegro, Slovenia, Jordan, Colombia, Spain and Thailand. However, be sure to pick a destination that is related to your travel goals.