Tips for Managing Your Medications when Traveling

It’s important to carry your medication when going on a trip. However, carrying medication when traveling can be complicated especially when going on an overseas trip. How are you supposed to pack the pills? How do you maintain the dosing schedule? Are you likely to have trouble with security? If these questions are bothering you right now, here are tips to help you manage medications when traveling. 

Carry Your Meds On 

To ensure that you arrive with your medication at your destination, carry them on. Make sure that you have your medications in the carry-on bag to ensure easier access and safety. However, this means that your carry-on bag has to go through security. 

Check Temperature 

Carrying medications in the carry-on bag protects them from ending up in places with extremely cold or hot temperatures. This is very important because extreme temperatures can affect the effectiveness of medications. When using a car to travel, don’t leave medications in the trunk, glove compartment or inside luggage. Use a freezer pack or insulated lunch bag for injection meds or liquid drugs that need refrigeration. 

Inform TSA about Your Liquid Medications 

Inform the U.S Transportation Security Administration about carry-ons. This is very important because TSA does not allow people to carry liquid medication that is more than 3.4 ounces. In some cases, the medication may undergo an X-ray examination. 

Avoid Repackaging Medications 

Carrying medications in their original, labeled packages will enable you to go through customs with ease. Carry a prescription copy too and a letter from the doctor showing your condition. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Some drugs like statins and antibiotics can make users sun-sensitive. Others can increase the chances of getting sunburns. Therefore, find out if the medications that you carry are photosensitive. Heat from the sun can affect some medicines like patches. Note that patches can be released quickly in warm climates. Therefore, seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor. 

Manage Your Medical Supplies 

Carry enough medications to take you through the entire trip. Also carry extra medication just in case something happens and you decide to spend more time traveling. 

Follow these tips when tips for managing your medications when traveling to have a smooth and enjoyable trip. …