How to Tell Somebody that You Do Not Want to Travel with Them

If you want to enjoy your travel experience, choose your companion wisely. Traveling with some people can be a nightmare. That’s because they will never do something to make you have a good time on the road. Unfortunately, the person you don’t like traveling with might always want to accompany you. So, how do you tell them that you don’t need their companionship? 

Two Ways of Telling a Person You Don’t Want to Travel with Them 

You can choose one of the following approaches when you decide to tell them that you don’t want their companionship on the road. 

  1. Be kind and tell them that you want to travel solo. Just open up and tell them that you want some free time on the road without other people affecting how you travel. Let them know that you took the time to prepare for a solo trip and they shouldn’t feel offended. 
  2. Tell them that you can travel together but you will only focus on your trip as a solo traveler. Thus, the only time you may have to meet is during dinner or breakfast. As such, each of you will do what they want between breakfast and dinner without each other’s interference. 

The most important thing is, to be honest, and make your intentions known. Let the person know your reasons for not involving them in your travel plans. Make sure that they don’t feel rejected or not good enough to join you for the trip. 

If you intend to travel with other people but not a particular person, tell them that he/she might not fit in the group for certain reasons. Make the person see why you decided not to include them in your travel plans in the first place. Some people will be comfortable with the idea of not including them in your travel plans especially if you’re traveling with people they may not be comfortable hanging out with. Nevertheless, be polite when telling a person that you don’t want to travel with them.